What really matters

What really matters

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One interesting trend I have noted is what I would describe as the growing intersection that is appearing between science and spiritualism.

This may take some explaining!

Before delving further, it is worth noting how many of the historically famous scientists were also great respecters of philosophy and how many great philosophers were experts, to some degree, in science.

There has always been a crossover between the non-scientific world and the scientific world.

The intersection that is occurring today is in what I would describe as the realisation of the importance of the energy field.

As quantum physics develops and scientists conduct more experiments, it does appear that in some way this field is conscious. Mystics have considered this a fact for years and spiritual people tend to follow this, believing that we, as individuals, work within this field, and our consciousness is part of the unified consciousness.

The word conscious is highly debatable and scientists reading this piece may recoil, so the word itself is not particularly the important thing here. It is enough to say that we all live and work within the quantum field.

The crucial factor, and this is where I can draw this to how we operate in business, is that we are beginning to understand the limitations of the known 3D world, and how much this is impacted by a perception filter that we call our senses.  The quantum field seems to be beyond us, and detached. But this is where science is beginning to show us a different picture, because we truly do, it seems, influence the quantum field. Each of us individually, and the consequence of this is that we can alter the world around us, “our” world if you like.

This means we can create – if we know how – the outcomes we want, simply from changing our energy, which changes our consciousness and how we emit into this field.

Now, this is not something you can understand, learn and practice in an afternoon, but over time you can truly change everything  around you, in whatever way you want.

You do this by changing your perception and this would normally start by changing your thoughts.

As the brilliant American philosopher Wayne Dyer said:

“if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

When we look at our businesses we can often get stuck in the 3D world, and our conscious wishes (e.g. for growth, success, excitement and stimulation) get overridden by our subconscious habits. You can test this a little by asking whether what you thought about yesterday was roughly the same as today, and what you will be thinking tomorrow. And where what you did yesterday is roughly the same as what you did today, and will do  tomorrow.

To effect change and to promote growth and new experiences, we can’t just change something outside of us, our environment, we have to change what is inside of us first. Then, the environment around us changes, and that is the intersection between science and spiritualism, because both are saying this is true.

This means that when we think, consciously, about changing our business, it makes sense to look at how we are thinking, acting and behaving ourselves, as we should first aim to change our thoughts, then our actions, and then our behaviour.

This means breaking patterns of habitual programmes we follow, in our thinking and actions, and seeking to impose on “our” world a new way of operating. That involves bringing down limiting beliefs and replacing them with our conscious desires, however wild and previously ridiculous, because as we now know, this is the best way to change anything and make unbelievable progress.

If you want to change anything in your Business of significance, it makes perfect sense to look at in this way, what really needs to change, and the answer is quite often your thinking.

That’s what really matters.