Business Coaching/Mentoring

Most professional athletes will work with a coach, and will perform better because of it.

Most large company Chief Executives benefit from having personal coaching.

The theory isn’t restricted to those in sport or big corporate.

Literally anyone who has to make decisions, or who is looking to improve their own or their business’s performance, can gain much from working with a coach of some description.

Actuwize offers coaching as a part of the overall service proposition, as we consider that coaching is integral to the improvements that are always sought. Few businesses ever stand still, and few can afford to.

So, as part of helping to create upward movement, it is not enough for us to help with a spread sheet or a PowerPoint, or to do some number crunching, we need to look at the whole business.

And, more often than not, the way things improve, comes from the people who steer and work in the business. If you improve their performance, their decision making, their potential, then the business improves.

Coaching is not cost-free, but we can demonstrate how the benefits easily outweigh the costs. Most owners or senior people will need this in advance, to reassure them that they will get a great return from using a coach.