Self-Actualisation and Wisdom

Self-actualisation is the complete realisation of one’s potential. And this is the ethos beyond Actuwize’s service – helping other people to reach their potential.

In Business this means working with the owners and senior people within a business to understand what is possible.

How can things be improved, what are the challenges that need to be overcome, what are the goals and targets?

What are the goals and targets?

Sometimes this involves hard hitting conversations, because looking at things from the outside, John can help with assessing the possibilities that may not always be apparent from the inside.

It’s a version of seeing the wood for the trees in a business sense.

Self-actualisation on its own is simply discovering something new, such as a new goal, new target or new way to fix a problem.

But it only works if there is then the correct follow up or execution, and this requires experience and wisdom. The implementation is crucial, so the two things go hand in hand.