Strategic Business Planning

Too often a business plan is constructed either by filling out a template document that has standard headings, so these need to be completed to get the plan in place, or through some form of financial forecast made to predict – or assess – the future pathway.

The reality is that the question “what is the potential here?” is rarely tackled, yet this is the starting point when businesses work with Actuwize.

To plan for the future is easy in one way, hard in another.

It is easy to write up a business plan that sort-of guesses or predicts the future, add figures to this and then present to whoever needs to read it.

It’s difficult though to know what might be achievable, to study the future possibilities and say things like “why not?”. To challenge the growth forecasts and ask “why that figure?” and so on.

The key here is the starting point, and Actuwize take a different view to many, looking at things beyond the norm, especially the self-actualisation aspect with the owners and senior people.