Accountant Services with a Difference

John Sheehan

I believe that many people in business have the same problems and challenges. They just show up in different forms at different times.

Symptoms are not always the cause

Sometimes, an accountant can help because they can iron out the financial aspects but often the problems/challenges are nothing to do with money, or the money side is the symptom not the cause.

The causes come from a different place, maybe because something within the business isn’t working as it should. This requires a different approach, as the key is to get to the root cause – why we are seeing results which are not in line with our aspirations?

My role

I see my role as working with businesses and their owners, to work out what it is that isn’t right. Sometimes things can be way off, other times they might be just off. We work it out and then, we act to get the result we are looking for.

Rarely does this involve a spread sheet, certainly not on its own. What I have found over many years is that the answer often lies in self-actualisation. Which is the realisation or fulfilment of one’s talents and potentialities.

The owner, the business, has the potential to realise or fulfil something, say

  1. Greater sales
  2. Better performance
  3. Higher profits
  4. Improved cash-flow
  5. An optimum sale or exit value
  6. Easier recruitment
  7. Retention of staff
  8. Better management controls

It could even be to enjoy it all more, or to achieve a nicer work/life balance.

The key

It’s examining the potential that is the key task.

And no business exists without people, so it is always back to the key people when we study this. It is their actions that make the difference.

My contribution is to support the people in business to achieve their objectives and goals.

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